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I'm looking for several voice actors. I'm making a Teen Titans flash and have five roles open. Before I get into that, I want to talk about the nature of my animation. It's going to be a more mature parody of the cartoon; specifically with its use of sexual themes. Basically, Raven convinces Beast Boy to stop playing a video game in return for a sexual encounter. The other three titans play the game in result unaware of the situation. Overall the animation is to awe people in sort of way.  Whether it is to ruin childhoods, or aid people in a moment in which old ideas are transformed with a simple alteration of light. Sounds like I'm writing poetry here. Tl;dr  I want to make something fun. If it makes people wtf then the mission is a success. So, I'm looking for voice actors who aren't afraid bothered by the fact they're breaking some social norms.

As far as the roles go they're almost obvious… Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire. As how to make them sound, keep it - accurate to the show. But if you feel as if you can give the voices a little swirl go for it.  Exaggeration could be one of those things.

Keep her monotone as much as possible. Play on how Raven seems so careless and uninterested in everything. Depressed / suicidal/etc.  
- (A startled reaction)
- How do I get him to stop playing that game?
- It's an expansion pack.
- This one has multiplayer.

Beast Boy
Show a wide array of emotion. Beast Boy is pretty diverse in the show.
- (A painful and angry shout)
- Whoa… Wait a minute! How do I know you're not lying?
- (Mocking) I already have all the expansion packs.
- (Astonishment) Whoa… dude this is almost as good as tofu.

Do bold; do bold when he's happy, when he's sad, when he's angry. Cyborg was always loud with his emotions.
- (Excited) Awww yeah! Waffles!
- Booyah!
- (Curious) Why would Beast boy leave this on? (Sinister) Looks like I'll have to watch it for him until he gets back.
- Yo Robin, Star!

Calm and collected, not afraid to snap a few necks though. Robin's best understood by just watching him on the show.
- Nice! This is the new game Wizards Knights, and Dragons right?
- Where is everyone? I feel like I'm in Batman's cave.
- How's it going Cyborg?
- Starfire!

Play with the voices in an oblivious manner. Starfire was a bit of a happy airhead.
- Greetings Borg of Cy!
- (Curious) How do I do the butt kicking?
- It would be most appreciated if I had a turn at the video game.

This won't be a paid gig but I promise to credit you wherever and whenever possible. That includes in the animation itself (several times) and on sites like newgrounds under credits and info. Additionally I can promote a link or two to your contact info.  And of course I can be used always be used as a reference If you'd like.

The deadline is Saturday October 13th. Good luck, if the time comes I'll extend it. But these are auditions, so if I choose you are ready to get a few more lines. I hope to have those voices done a week after choosing actors. At that point, Skype or any other messenger may come in handy for tweaking the lines here and there if the time comes.

I appreciate you for giving me the time of day by reading this. I want to make a fun animation, and I want to have a fun time making it. Good luck to anyone who's going to audition. And even if you're just interested give it a shot.

You can e-mail me your auditions to

Subject: Teen Titans audition

Thank you, and have a great day.


Here is some concept art for the style of the animation. It's a work in progress.……………

If you're interested in seeing one of my completed works I animated the intro to this documentary.…
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xTheifOfSanityx Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013
Nice! Would You Mind If I Sent In A Starfire Request?
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Very cool. :) Are you still looking for voice actors?
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